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Getting the right contractor

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What is the tendering process?

Tendering is the process of inviting landscapers to give bids on your garden construction work.

  • The tender documentation includes all the details of the work to be done, the materials needed, and the quantities required.
  • This helps make sure all the tender bids are based on the same specification and are costed on a like-for-like basis.

Who gets to tender?

Hire a garden designer to help with plans and tender documentation

How many tenderers?

Typically, three landscape contractors are invited to tender for your design.

Who do we ask?

We will only work with reputable landscape contractors and, where possible, use the expertise of a landscaper registered with one of the following organisations.

  •  BALI – The British Association of Landscape Industries
  •  APL – The Association of Professional Landscapers

They are experienced in garden construction and will return a fair and competitive price for your build.

What information do they receive?

Each tenderer will receive copies of the following documentation:

Tender Submissions

Landscapers in action

When will you get a reply?

It usually takes around 2 – 3 weeks for the landscapers to return their tender submissions.

Returned tender documents

Returned documentation on the tendering process will contain a schedule of works plus a detailed account of how the landscaper will plan and cost the build process.

A like-for-like comparison can then be made between each of the three landscaper’s submissions.

Choosing your landscaper

The tenders you receive will provide you with enough information to make an informed decision on who to hire as your landscape contractor.

Site Inspections

Site Inspection as part of the tendering process

Commencing the build

When you have chosen your contractor you will sign the relevant agreements to ensure work commences.

The contractor will produce a schedule of work and the dates for construction will be planned.

Project Monitoring

We arrange a series of project monitoring site visits during the build phase of your garden project.

We will:

  • Meet with the contractor’s foreman at your site at the start of the build.
  • Set up lines of communication between yourself, ourselves and the contractors.
  • Ensure a strict protocol is followed regarding potential alterations to the design and  How those alterations are managed.
  • Make a series of site inspections to monitor the progress of the project and check on the quality of the work.


Why getting landscaper tenders is beneficial

As we’ve seen, the tendering process is where three interested landscapers are invited to give bids on your garden’s construction work.

  • Tender documentation details the work carried out, and the materials used
  • Each landscaper tenders for work is costed on a like-for-like basis
  • You can then choose the best landscaper for your build
  • Rest assured, we can monitor the project to ensure it is built as specified

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