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Screen Based Form

By Jon Norman-Venables

Site Analysis Survey

By Jon Norman-Venables

Garden Design Questionnaire

How much does a garden designer cost?

Every garden we design is unique. Garden design is a bespoke service industry where the product we create is unique by default. No two gardens are the same, therefore no two designs are the same and thus no two sets of design costs are the same, too.
Plan view of a two acre triangular country estate

Vectorworks Drawings – creating precision draughtsmanship

An overview of Vectorworks, the professional CAD software used by the landscape industry. CAD drawings are especially helpful for contractors as they provide accurate garden schematics.
Enjoying the garden

The Cost of a Garden Makeover

The cost of a garden makeover. Think of your garden it as a big-ticket expense similar to a house, a car or a new kitchen. Time and consideration must be made to its creation and upkeep.
Garden design 3D render demo

Why should you hire a garden designer?

The function of a garden designer is a complex and multi-disciplined job role. A good garden designer needs to be part engineer, part draughtsman, a horticultural expert, have an artistic flair and an incredible spatial awareness.
Close up of working tender documents

The Tendering Process

Getting the right contractor Tendering is the process of inviting landscapers to give bids on your garden construction work. The tender documentation includes all the details of the work to be done, the materials needed, and the quantities required.
Garden design cascade drawing showing dimensioning

Construction Drawings and Cascade Diagrams

Construction drawings are technical drawings for your design. They show important details of your garden, such as cross-sections and isometric diagrams. They also include measurements, slope gradients, and drainage features.
Beautiful set of plants in a rockery

Plant Plans

Creating the perfect border When it comes to picking the perfect plants for your garden, it’s important to think about the type of plants and where they’ll be placed.

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