Garden Landscape Drawings

Technical Drawings for your Design

Vectorworks drawings for a pergola resting on a wall containing specification labels
Isometric Drawing detail

Garden Design Drawings

Garden landscape drawings are created by the designer and provide detailed instructions to contractors on how to build the garden.

These drawings allow contractors to accurately estimate the cost of the project.

Garden Plans, Cascade Drawings and Sections

Garden plans help both the client and the contractor understand the layout of the garden.

Cascade drawings show the precise measurements of the completed plan.

Sections allow the contractor to visualise the final construction.


Plan view of a two acre triangular country estate
Top plan of a garden
ascade drawing showing spot heights, drainage and slope gradients (falls)
Garden design cascade drawing showing spot heights, drainage and slope gradients (falls)
Cross sections of a large garden

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Construction Drawing Examples

Cross section through an arbour and pond showing position of the balancing tank

Construction drawings are made to ensure the contractor knows exactly how to put together a specific part of the garden.

Four plan views of a deck showing stages of construction
Landscape drawings showing cross sections of a patio, a pergola and steps

Planting Plans

Rectangular planting plan created in Vectorworks

Planting plans ensure that the right plants are added to the right location in the garden.

Seasonality and longevity of the planting scheme ensures there is an all round interest in the soft landscape.


Plant Plan 3
Large planting bed with labelling
Semi circular planting plan

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