Sumptuous Seclusion

Perfect paving, textural planting, pool and water wall

Plan view of an elegant garden courtyard design with a pergola, seating and L-shaped pool
Sketch Plan of a garden Courtyard design

Simple and Elegant

The Brief

This elegant garden courtyard design is located at the rear of a three-story terraced house.

The owners wanted to create a luxurious and stylish design featuring a secluded seating area and a pool with running water.

They also wanted to extend their first-floor balcony adding a spiral staircase leading into the garden.

Additionally, they wanted to obscure views of a nearby rugby stadium.

The Design

An L-shaped pool was built, fed by a water wall. 

The main part of the garden courtyard design consists of two patios connected by stepping stones across the pool.

A garden sofa, silver birch and patio seen from a table and chairs beneath a balcony
Seating and fire table surrounded by a slim L-shaped pool
Stepping stones across a pool to a table and chairs beneath a balcony
View of a water wall flowing into a pool beside a multi-stem silver birch

A spiral staircase connects the garden to a dining area on the first floor.

View from a fire table in a garden to a balcony accessed by a spiral staircase
3D cross section view showing the depth of water in a pool across from garden seating
View across a patio to an outdoor sofa and fire table
View from the balcony into the garden
Table and chairs beneath a balcony with views down a lush garden

Before and After

Courtyard garden before landscapingA garden sofa, silver birch and patio seen from a table and chairs beneath a balcony

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