Pergola Perfection

Curved lawn, Lush Planting and a Lily Bowl

Planting plan for a back garden design with an S-shaped lawn
Back Garden Design plan

A Planted Paradise

The Brief

This modern back garden design was nothing more than a grass lawn.

The homeowners wanted a lush, private retreat with a great view from their kitchen window. They also needed a solution for two unsightly manhole covers.

The Design

We transformed the far end of the garden into a secluded sitting area with a pergola above a double-tiered raised bed.

Seating beneath a pergola with a red acer and lily bowl amongst lush planting
Fatsia japonica, Acers and Euphorbia viewed from across a lawn
Deep border with foxgloves, Hosta and Brunnera
Back garden with pergola and seating

Climbing plants cover the walls, and two green wall units add vertical interest. 

Narcissus minnow and Brunnera macrophylla beneath a multi-stem silver birch
Hanging basket with deep red petunias and mauve Bacopa

To hide an unsightly manhole cover, we added a large lily-bowl water feature framed by a red-leaved Acer. 

Lily bowl beneath a Red Acer amongst spring planting
Lily bowl amongst flowers of Knautia 'Melton Pastels'
Walled garden with a view across a curved lawn to a pergola
Round table and chair set on a patio
Green wall beneath a pergola
View across a lawn towards a garden gate with lush planting

For the rest of the garden we designed a north-facing border with textured leaves and shade-loving blooms.”

Frothy mix of pink, white and blue blooms in a sunny border

Before and After

BackBefore 1Walled garden with a view across a curved lawn to a pergola

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