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Common questions asked about garden design

Do you have frequently asked questions about us designing your garden?

Check out our answers to common queries on design fees, project timelines, maintenance and more.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What are the benefits of using a garden designer?

The role of a garden designer

The role of a garden designer is a complex and multi-disciplined job role. 

A good garden designer needs to be part engineer, part draughtsman, a horticultural expert, have an artistic flair and an incredible spatial awareness. In addition, they need to understand contract law, health and safety regulations, planning issues, and technical specifications.

They are effectively “Architects of your Garden”.

A good garden designer will provide you with:

  • A design brief
  • A full site and soil analysis
  • A garden survey
  • Advice and help with contracts and legal aspects
  • Sketch and master plans of the garden
  • Plant Plans
  • Construction and Cascade Drawings
  • A design specification
  • Recommendations of good contractors


We have created a guide on why you should employ a garden designer.

Garden design 3D render demo
What are your qualifications?

Garden Design Qualifications


I am a member of the following garden design and landscaping organisations:

What design software do you use?

Vectorworks Landmark

To create your dream garden, we have chosen Vectorworks Landmark as our design tool of choice.

Collage of Vectorworks drawings

This software is the industry-standard design software for the landscape sector.

With it we create:

  • Millimetre accurate plans,
  • Construction drawings and details,
  • Section drawings,
  • Planting plans and
  • Photographic rendered 3D views
Do you create wildlife friendly gardens?

Our tagline is Stylish Gardens that are Havens for Nature.

We want to create gardens that look good, are modern in design and are beneficial to local wildlife.

We consider:

  1. Planting native plants where possible.
  2. Providing food and shelter for wildlife.
  3. Adding water sources for aquatic animals and birds.
  4. Chemical-free fertilisation.
  5. Avoiding the use of plastic plants and artificial grass.

What is the best time of year to have my garden designed?

There is no specific time to design a garden


  • As long as the weather allows us to view your plot we can create your design.

Which regional areas do you cover?

Catchment Area

We are based in central Coventry and design gardens across Warwickshire, the West Midlands, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Worcestershire and further afield.


We generally cover the 35-mile radius from our base as shown below, but will travel further as needed.


Costs and Fees

Do you charge for an initial consultation?

Initial Consultation

We will arrange to meet you at your site to discuss your ideas for your garden and your budget.  

This is an informal meeting where we ask you to guide us around your garden and share your ideas and aspirations for the space.  We also ask a series of questions to ensure we create the perfect garden for you.

Things to consider

Before we meet up, think about how you are going to use the garden.

  • What times of the day will you use it?
  • Do you have any favourite colours or materials?
  • Have you seen other garden styles that take your fancy?
  • Do you have any particular favourite plants?
  • Will the garden be used by pets or children?

Collect ideas for your garden from books, magazines, websites or places you visit, store these in a scrapbook or an online system such as Pinterest.

Your Budget

Please be realistic about your garden budget.  

If we know a ballpark figure for your garden, we can design it around this value and avoid wasting time and money on potential re-designs.

Consultation charge

There is a nominal charge of £70 for this meeting but this fee will be refunded should you go ahead with our full design service.

How much do gardens cost to build?
Pricing a new garden is difficult

There are many factors affecting the overall cost.

For example:

  • Size of the garden
  • Garden conditions
  • Site access
  • Garden style
  • Materials used
  • Labour
  • Lighting and drainage
  • Employing additional consultants
  • Planning and legal considerations

We have created a guide on garden costs to help you with your design budget.


Cost Guidelines

These are very much ballpark figures and are considered for reference only.

Garden Size Price
£15K - £30K
£40K - £60K
£100K +
View across a pool to a circular jetty with enclosed seating and sun loungers - 3D generated
How much will it cost to design my garden?
There are many factors to pricing a garden design t

Every garden we create is unique and therefore design costs will vary.

Pricing will depend on the specific materials, components and suppliers

For example:

  • Size of the garden
  • The complexity of the design
  • The garden style and materials used
  •  The nature of the site such as
    • slopes,
    • drainage or
    • soil conditions
Top plan of a garden

Process and Timings

How long does it take to design my garden?

This depends on the size of the garden and the complexity of the design


As a general rule of thumb for a 50 to 100m² garden,

  • it will take around 2-3 weeks for the initial concept phase
  • then around a further 3 weeks for the detailed drawings and planting plans.

What drawings do you produce?

The number of drawings we create will depend on the needs of the design.


These drawings are split into the following categories:

  • Sketch Plans – the initial concept drawings of the design
  • The Master Plan – the completed design
  • 3D garden views – enabling you to visualise your completed garden
  • Sections – Allows the contractor to visualise changes in levels, depth of pools or heights of pergolas
  • Construction drawings – so the contractor knows exactly how to build garden components
  • Cascade Drawings – which ensure the dimensions of the site are laid out correctly
  • In addition to this there may be:
    • Drainage diagrams
    • Lighting plans
    • Electrical wiring drawings

Do you have your own landscaping team?
  • We don’t have an in-house landscape team
  • We regularly work with a select team of highly experienced landscapers, contractors and tradespeople, who build our designs to a high specification.
  • Many are members of BALI or APL so will have gone through these organisations’ rigorous adjudication processes.
  • We have recently partnered with Landscapia Ltd., an award-winning landscape company. They are our first choice to build your garden to the highest specification based on our designs.

How long will it take for my garden to be built?

The time for a garden design build will depend on its size and other factors.

  • Once the design is agreed upon and all the construction drawings and other plans produced, it will usually be around 2 – 3 weeks for a Landscape Contractor to produce a detailed quote.
    Then it will depend on the Contractor’s own work schedule as to when the build can begin.
  • The build itself could take 6 weeks to complete for a small garden to 18 months or more for large plots.
    For bigger estates with more complex plans, the build process may be phased over several years.
  • As a general rule of thumb expect a design to take around six months from the initial survey to the completion of the build.

How is my design managed?
  • We offer a Project Inspection service where we conduct site inspections of the landscaping at appropriate intervals as agreed with you.
  • This is to ensure that the design plan is adhered to and to address any unforeseen issues during construction.

Planting and Garden Maintenance

What is meant by Right Plant, Right Place?

Plant BorderIn many gardens, most of the plants that get bought end up perishing because they are planted in areas or conditions unsuited for them.


  • A sun-loving plant will struggle in the shade, and an acid-loving shrub such as a rhododendron will suffer in alkaline soil.
  • We can counter this by growing a shade-loving plant in less sunny areas or growing plants that are happy in particular soil conditions.
  • Similarly, it is advisable to grow plants that can tolerate wind in exposed conditions.

We do a full site analysis of your garden and note:


  • The coldest and warmest temperatures and when they occur
  • The average temperature by each month
  • Where water collects, and any dry spots?
  • Your soil type
  • Your soil pH
  • Note the amount of light and shadow your garden receives throughout the year

What is sustainable gardening?

Sustainable gardening is about the avoidance of using garden practices which are harmful to nature.


Simply put, sustainability means ‘do no evil!’


For example:
  • The avoidance of poisons to deter unwanted pests
  • Use of natural pest solutions such as companion planting
  • The avoidance of peat-based composts and the use of peat-free alternatives
  • Creating natural composts from the garden’s own waste products
  • The planting of more natural insect-friendly plants to encourage local wildlife

How important is ongoing maintenance?

You have two options to ensure your new garden remains looking good over the years.


  1. Self-maintenance – Where you look after your own garden and maintain the planting yourself.  We will provide a plant maintenance document informing you of each plant’s maintenance needs.
  2. Employing a skilled gardener – This is a very good way of protecting the time and investment you have made in transforming your outdoor space.

Do you provide garden maintenance?

We work with reputable and trusted gardeners to maintain your garden


  • We will meet with you and your new gardener on site, once your garden is complete, to talk through our planting schemes and ensure there is a long-term plan for your garden’s future.

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