Construction Drawings and Cascade Diagrams

Technical drawings for your design

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What are Construction and Cascade Drawings?

Construction drawings show all the important details of your garden, like cross-sections and isometric diagrams.

  • They also include measurements, slope gradients, and drainage features.
  • These drawings help the contractor build your garden to the right specifications and are made using Vectorworks CAD software.
  • They’re an important part of the tender documentation that the contractor receives.

Construction Drawings

Every garden is unique and there are many different ways to create an outdoor space

  • There is no one size fits all approach to creating a garden. Some components, such as off-the-shelf furniture, are bought directly from the manufacturer.
  • However, bespoke components, such as pergolas, pools and paving, will need to be designed by us and accurately drawn.
  • These drawings are given to the contractor to show them how to construct each feature and which materials are used to build it.

Cascade Drawings

Why are they used?

Cascade drawings help the contractor build your garden by adding important measurements and annotations to the garden plan. This ensures everything is laid out correctly.

Cascade drawings will usually show the following information:

  • Dimensions of the site and its components
  • Gradient slopes of path and patios
  • Drains and drainage ducts
  • Spot heights

Key Plans

A high level of detail is needed in each cascade drawing. They are usually drawn at a lower scale than the master plan.  Thus the master plan is split up into smaller sections in what is known as a key plan.

These smaller sections become the basis for each cascade drawing.

Examples of Key Plans

The key plan above displays the measurements of paving and pergola posts for a patio at the bottom of a garden.

The image above is the same section of the garden. It shows spot heights (crosses with numbers in black), drainage channels (in pink) and gradient slopes (arrows labelled 1:60 fall).

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